Professional Development

The learning doesn’t stop, even if you’re a teacher. Get empowered with strategies for success with our Sphero Edu Professional Development offerings.

Teacher doing Sphero Fundamentals Professional development course.

Self-Guided Training

These self-guided courses will walk you through getting started with our products and apps, as well as how to integrate them into your classroom. We offer the following self-guided courses:

Group of teachers learning how to code.

Virtual Training

Sphero Virtual Training consists of online, pre-scheduled training with a Professional Learning specialist. The specialist will work with you for an entire year to help you integrate Sphero into your classroom and school.

Teacher instructing student how to code Sphero Robots.

On-Site Workshop

Schedule a 1- or 2-day workshop and we’ll bring the expertise to you. Customize your workshop based on the topics, activities, and skills you wish to explore, build, and promote.